Open for Abundance Energy Clearing

This is Completely DIFFERENT than anything you've ever tried because it gets right down to the Energy CORE of the issue and removes it For GOOD!

But it's about more than than just clearing energy blocks around money...

This is about learning and realizing that you have the power over your life and life experiences. You can create a better outcome for yourself and let go of what has been keeping you back.


This is about gaining the ability and know how to move forward. To begin to search for these blocks and remove them for yourself.

  • How to let go of negative beliefs around money, even if you don't know exactly where they came from.

  • Why feelings and emotions about abundance can keep you poor (in lack and limitation)

  • How to eliminate fears about not having enough

  • What to do if money slips through your fingers

  • The beliefs behind not enough and never having enough money patterns

  • When it's ok to talk negatively about money (Law of Attraction Gurus don't do this and it's keeping them stuck)

  • Why trying to trick yourself by positive affirmations doesn't normally work (your subconscious mind knows what you really think) and what to do instead

  • How to eliminate worry around money

  • What you need to clear if you feel guilty for spending money on yourself or spending money in general

  • What to do to clear things that aren't in the clearing program

  • Learn when it's the worst time to do energy clearing, as it just doesn't work


Here's a Partial list of Clearings included in the Open to Abundance Program

Just imagine - clearing 1 or 2 of these could change your life forever!

When you begin to really search for any hidden blocks around money, this is a process that can add to your discovering what blocks you really have, and then use the audio to clear it out.


  • Abundance Blocks, Financial Blocks  
  • Can't hold on to Money
  • Can't Make Money
  • Need More Money
  • I can't Support Myself
  • There's Never Enough
  • I don't Have Enough
  • I don't Deserve Money
  • I'm Not good Enough
  • Money isn't good (Wealthy or Rich People are Bad)
  • Fear of Spending
  • Spending too much
  • Fear of Bills
  • Overwhelmed by bills and debt
  • PTSD from Creditors and Harassment
  • Fear of Never Enough
  • Conflict Between Spending and Saving
  • Guilt about Spending
  • Guilt of Wanting Nice Things
  • Not Wanting to Have More than Others
  • Feeling Less Than
  • Having a Poor or Lack Mentality
  • There's Something Wrong with Me
  • and More....

Recent unsolicited feedback, Printed with Permission. No implied promise of financial gain, all situations are different!

Everything is Energy. Emotions, Habits, Feelings, Beliefs, Limitations, All of it. And all Energy can be cleared...