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With this step by step system you will get powerful results, and really help people.

Supercharge your practice or begin a new one with this all inclusive Healer Training. All emotions, feelings, limitations and traumas are ENERGY, Stored from the PAST.

Clear these for yourself and your clients, and watch the amazing results.

I SO loved this course...

Dawn Drew

Torrance, California

6 Modules that build on each other...

Weekly Training Modules

  • Module 1, Energy

    Module One is focused on the energy components, and and how they work. You will get an understanding of the Universal Laws and how they govern your souls experience. You will also understand Frequency and learn about Idio Motor Response and how to get clear answers.

  • Module 3, Karma

    In Module 3, you will learn all about negative Karma, and how to NOT create more! You will also begin using "Codes" to clear the energy fields.

  • Module 5, Limits

    Beliefs shape your reality, In module 5, you will learn how to clear any old belief, from not having enough money to not being worthy of love, you name it. In this module you will also learn about the Levels of Consciousness and how to calibrate where your or someone else vibrates at on this scale, and will illustrate how clearing will elevate you higher and higher at the frequency level.

  • Module 2, Commands

    In Module 2, you will learn about the occupants and Discarnate commands. What part the Chakra System plays in a clearing and attachments, and you will experience an auric clearing for yourself, and learn how to shield your energy field.

  • Module 4, Attachments

    Module 4 explores the unseen energies, blockages thoughtforms, soul loss,spells, curses, entities and attachments. And of course, clears theses.

  • Module 6, Elevation

    In Module 6, you will put it all together. You will be able to take a state or condition and raise it up and out of your field. The Vibration Elevation. Also, in this module you will learn to perform these clearing on homes, property or land.

This course is phenomenal! I have gained a new freedom with these skills. Over the years I have had to depend on other healers to clear and bring me to balance every time I picked up negative energies and all of the other ickys. I am currently building a business that will expose me to many new locations, people, and inevitably energies. I told Robin I was going to have to put her on my payroll to keep me clear, so she introduced me to this program. Life changing! Although I would love to have my very own pocket Robin, I am extremely happy to have gained the ability to clear myself and much more. There are endless possibilities to what I can do with this. Thank you and bless you Robin!

Kristin Grossi

Palos Verdes, California

This Energy Training Course covers everything you need to become an expert ...

  • Full Access for one year to all modules,clearing hypnotic meditations, and bonuses. (All are downloadable)
  • Full Training and Certification in the "Auric Clearing Master Healer" Practitioner Course is included in Vibration Elevation.
  • Learn how to use the Levels of consciousness Scale to generate faster and results for yourself and your clients
  • COURSE BONUS 1 -Private Facebook Group to help you meet other practitioners using this protocol on themselves and clients. Great for collaboration and inspiration!
  • COURSE BONUS 2- 7 Day Chakra Cleanse Meditation Series, sharable rights, allows you to give a copy to your clients, so they can generate faster results with your services andgenerate  clearings.
  • COURSE BONUS 3 - 60 Day email/Text on demand with Me, Robin, to help you clear and focused progress on your path.


Payment Plan Available

Energy clearing is one of the the easiest, fastest and most powerful ways to change reality ...Robin

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