You Clear Money Blocks, Fitness Blocks and Relationship Blocks ALL in the Same Way...


You clear a fear in the same way you clear a money block because they are all held in place in the same way. You find the energy holding them and systematically shift it out. Sounds too simple? It is! As you follow the step by step protocol, you will be able to shift the blocks you find.


It doesn't matter if you're clearing a relationship block, an abundance block or a negative emotion or belief. They're all the same, energetically.


How This Type of Energy Clearing Works:

  1. Removes the old beliefs and fears about yourself, your life and others, so you feel at peace.
  2. Clears the stuck and stagnant energy in your home, office, or land.
  3. Shifts the negative energy keeping you feeling low vibration (not your best) and bring in optimism!
  4. Can neutralize the energy around old memories, situations and traumas
  5. Releases the toxic energy between you and others so your relationships can flourish.
  6. Removes other peoples energy from your own field and body, and feel like your best self again.
  7. Eliminates energies picked up from places you've been. If you've ever gone to a place and just gotten the creeps, this is the energy I'm talking about.
  8. Breaks down old habits, patterns and addictions energetically. Literally release the energy keeping them in place.
  9. Targets and remove any type of financial or abundance block. Most people have many of these and need to watch for them and clear as needed.
  10. Gets rid of the type of energetic manipulation and control of energy vampires and manipulative people
  11. Removes the triggers that make you fall back and take you off course from what you want.


Energy Blocks

“What is easiest to see is often overlooked.”


“Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious... Patients are people who have had too much programming - so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their inner selves.”   Milton H Erickson

Spiritual Growth and Awakening...


As you clear your blocks and limitation, you are raising frequency. Simple. As you let go of what has held you down, you naturally rise up on the scale of consciousness. This path to spiritual awakening is both clear and straight forward. It's a easy method to understand how to do the inner work. This alone will create amazing shifts in your life.


Energy Blocks Can Ultimately Keep You From Your Life's Purpose


Everyone is here for a reason, and the clearer you become, the more obvious this purpose becomes. In fact, it may be staring you in the face, but you can't see it because of past experiences and programming. It may or may not have anything to do with helping other people or raising the frequency of the planet (my life's purpose), but it's something only YOU came here to do. Your own special blend of interests and skills.


It doesn't matter what this life purpose looks like. It might be a healing modality or it might not. It could be anything. But if you aren't doing what you came here to do, or if you don't know what that is, then there's blocks that need to be cleared.



Quick Recap on Energy Blocks:


Energy Blockages are old energy patterns, outdated beliefs, limited assumptions and perceptions. They are also negative emotions and fears. These energetic blockages are what stop most people from living the life they choose. 


People go see therapists and coaches to move forward. It's the blockages that keep them stuck but most coaches, therapists and even healers don't even address this. This is why someone can spend years in therapy and just talk about the same things over and over and never get results. The problems are energetic and talking about them can actually make is become even more ingrained!


When someone clears on the energetic level, they are clearing on the subconscious and unconscious level as well. This is where true change happens (and can be instantaneous). This is what's also know as Quantum Healing, meaning that it's being done across time, independent of the current reality. This affects all lifetimes for the person getting the clearing.


Everyone has blockages. I call them energy blockages because at the core, everything is energy. Emotions are held in place by energy. Feelings and beliefs about yourself and the world are all energetic in nature. This is such an empowering concept when it hits home! If it's all energy, then it can be shifted. It's truly that simple.

Our Beliefs Control Our Bodies, Our Minds, and Thus Our Lives...Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.


The Protocol for Fast and Lasting Change


When you have a friend, family member, client (or even yourself) who is stuck and unable to move forward, this protocol will shift their reality and move them in the direction they need to go. Fast. You will be amazed at how fast you can shift energy.


You will be able to master the protocol and techniques easily, with just a little practice. As you do this, you will be creating change for yourself. I do clearings for myself any time I find something that I want to change. I want to remove negative emotion or where I need to eliminate any type of resistance. 


Many of the people I've taught this to decide they want to work with other people.  To become certified, you will choose 3-5 practice clients that will be your test clients. You can do this clearing protocol remotely, they will not be with you in the room. After the practice session, they will be asked to give feedback, and if they agree (which they almost always do), you will be able to use that feedback for your marketing materials.


The practice client feedback is amazing, and it is where you will become super confident in your skills. It's the proof that it's really real, it works, and the results speak for themselves! This isn't necessary however to complete this course.

It's Not Just About Knowing What The Blocks Are, It's Knowing how to get rid of them! -Robin

Get Certified to Work With Others (Optional)

Become a Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer Practitioner and Be Confident You're Able to Get Results.

  • Practice your skills as you learn, so you know are able to integrate the skills as you go along. Each module builds on the previous one. 
  • Get honest, real and helpful client feedback and testimonials--even before you finish the course!
  • Have help as you do your practice clearings, just clear along with the session recordings. Listen to clearings as you say them to yourself (and clear). Learn effortlessly!
  • Gain complete understanding of why this works, so you can use it confidently.
  • Be able to clear your own past life residue and blockages, so that you don't have to keep experiencing the same situations.
  • Discover the path true freedom for yourself and help your family, friends and clients. 
  • Experience unbelievable confidence as you practice!
  • And so much more...

Feedback from Other Practitioners...


Jaime Ellithorpe

"I’ve worked with other coaches and healers who attempted to address my money blocks, but she was able to pinpoint the exact reasons I had them, and cleared them."

Robin has a natural talent for drawing out the root cause of what’s holding her clients back and blocking them from what they want. She was able to help me pinpoint exact experiences from my past that led up to some of the blocks I was having around having fun in my business and charging clients for things that didn’t seem like work to me. I’ve worked with other coaches and healers who attempted to address my money blocks, but she was able to pinpoint the exact reasons I had them, and cleared them. Others just tried to clear around the general issue of money.

Dawn Drew

I SO loved this course...

Gloria Corona-Prophet

"It left me with a fresh outlook and a happier disposition."

Auric Clearing, is a game changer. Robin, has helped me not only feel better but manage life's transitions with greater ease. Long standing issues I thought I’d have to just live with, cleared quickly. It left me with a fresh outlook and a happier disposition. I cannot recommend her enough

14 Week Group Training and Energy Clearing Program

6 Online Modules in a complete on-demand training program, and 8 live coaching classes over Zoom.



Week 1 - Module 1, All About Energy and Energy Clearing

Module One is focused on the energy clearing components and and how they work. You will get an understanding of the Universal Laws and how they govern your soul's experience. You will also understand frequency and learn how to read energy for yourself to get clear answers.

  • Get the energy clearing basics and how to begin, so you can start incorporating this modality right away.
  • Meditation to release your blocks and be clear as a healer. Get rid of unknown blocks in your field.
  • Handouts - Chakras and Blockages
  • Module 1 available online 24/7

Week 2 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Module One Coaching

  • Using a pendulum to get accurate answers
  • How to do a physical test of a persons Chakra System
  • Q & A of Module 1 Training
  • PRACTICE WORK - Do a physical Chakra reading for someone, write up a summary report.

Module One Extra Credit

  • Find an accountability partner
  • Attend the Practitioner Office Hours, or schedule a meet up.

Week 3 -Module 2, How to Use Commands to Shift Energy

In Module 2  you will learn about the occupants and discarnate commands. You will discover why we use the Chakra System as we perform a clearing. You will experience a complete energetic (auric) clearing for yourself and learn how to shield your energy field.

  • How to Begin a session and what to do first
  • Meditation to help you balance your energy field and incorporate the material faster
  • Anatomy of a chakra healing session
  • Handouts - Basic Commands, and how to Shield your Field and more.
  • Module 2 available online 24/7 (after week 1)

Week 4 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Week 5 - Module 3, Working With Karma

In Module 3, you will learn all about negative Karma, and how to NOT create more! You will also begin using "Codes" to clear the energy fields. This is the time you may begin to clear other people, using test clients.  By the end of this module, you will already be able to perform a complete "Auric Clearing"!

  • Get the Codes to begin working with the energy at a higher level, so you can clear even faster.
  • Understand the karma connection with the past and learn to clear it.
  • Personal Meditation to calibrate the energy system
  • Handouts - How to Close the Session, Working with The Morphogenetic Chakras
  • Student Workbook by Toby AlexanderModule 2 available online 24/7 (after week 1)
  • Module 3 available online 24/7 (after week 2)

Week 6 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Week 7 - Module 4, Energetic Attachments

Module 4 explores the unseen energies, blockages, thought forms, soul loss, spells, curses, entities and attachments. This also includes entities from past lifetimes and picked up in this lifetime. And of course, clears these.

  • Learn to work with thoughtform blockages
  • Be able to clear curses and negatively directed energy.
  • Meditation - Strengthening the Connection with Your Higher Self
  • Handouts: Working with Soul Facet Loss and Anger Spears
  • Module 4 available online 24/7 (after week 3)

Week 8 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Week 9 - Module 5, Negative Beliefs, Patterns and Limitations

In module 5, you will learn how to clear any old belief, from not having enough money to not being worthy of love, you name it. In this module you will also learn about the Levels of Consciousness and how to calibrate where you or someone else vibrates at on this scale. I will illustrate how clearing will elevate you higher and higher at the frequency level.

  • Get proficient in clearing negative beliefs - for your clients and for yourself.
  • Be able to calibrate on the Levels of Consciousness Scale, so you can know who you are working with and what they are probably experiencing in their life.
  • Know how to clear old patterns that keep someone stuck.
  • Module 5 available online 24/7 (after week 4)

Week 10 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Week 11 - Module 6, How to Raise Your Vibration or Frequency Using Energy Clearing 

In Module 6, you will put it all together. You will be able to take a state or condition and raise it up and out of your field. The Vibration Elevation Process combines the tools and clears your field while it raises your vibration (or a client's). Also in this module you will learn to perform these clearings on homes, property or land.

  • Learn to use psychic protection and keep your field clear
  • How to take this protocol and use it to clear houses, land or any property.
  • Be able to do a clearing to raise someone's frequency/vibration by removing the old beliefs and energies keeping it down.
  • Module 6 available online 24/7 (after week 5)

Week 12 - Coaching Live Via Zoom link at Our Group day/time

Bonus 1 - 90 Day Email/Support 

I want you to be confident you can do this, so I am here for you if you have questions or need any help with this work.  I will be there to help you and usually answer within 24 hours (or sooner) so you can be sure you will be able to get results.

Bonus 3 - 7 Day Chakra Cleanse Program

This meditation series consists of 7 individual sessions, one for each chakra. You can use these for yourself, or give them to others who need additional support in one or more chakras. You have permission to share them with your clients as well.

Bonus 5 - Practice Clients and Testimonials

All about practice clients, getting feedback and asking for testimonials. Learn what to ask and how to make your clients feel at ease and want to help you.

Kristin Grossi

 I am extremely happy to have gained the ability to clear myself and much more.

This course is phenomenal! I have gained a new freedom with these skills. Over the years I have had to depend on other healers to clear and bring me to balance every time I picked up negative energies and all the other "ickys". I am currently building a business that will expose me to many new locations, people, and inevitably energies. I told Robin I was going to have to put her on my payroll to keep me clear, so she introduced me to this program. Life changing! Although I would love to have my very own pocket Robin, I am extremely happy to have gained the ability to clear myself and much more. There are endless possibilities to what I can do with this. Thank you and bless you Robin!

With this step by step energy clearing system you will be able to get powerful results.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

This Energy Training Course Covers Everything You Need to Become an Energy Clearing Expert!

  • Full access for one year to all the modules, the clearing hypnotic meditations, and the bonuses. (All are downloadable)
  • Full training and certification in the "Auric Clearing Master Healer" Practitioner Course
  • Student workbook to help you master the clearing techniques and to help you work with your clients
  • Six Energy Clearing meditations to clear yourself of old blockages and anything that has been keeping you from your best. One with each new module.
  • Learn how to use the Levels of Consciousness Scale to generate faster results for yourself and your clients, and watch the progress they are making with their work with you.
  • Be able to clear beliefs, emotions, energy blockages for people--confidently, and know you can help them.
  • Learn to practice the techniques on yourself first, so you can clear yourself of old blocks that have kept you back​

Training with  Group Coaching for Self-Healing and Practitioners


Advanced Energy Clearing Training - Immediate Access

6 Module Online Training Program available 24/7

Clear Along Sessions

8 Group Teaching/Training Calls 

Practitioner Office Hours (via Zoom)

Plus the Following Bonuses:

  • Text/Email Support

    BONUS 2 - 60 Day Email/Text Support with Robin. Get the help you need and all your questions answered, as Robin helps you implement what you've learned

  • Clear Along Sessions

    Learn the clearing protocols as you follow along with audio sessions, while you work with your practice clients! With these sessions, we clear the clients together.

  • 7 Day Chakra Cleanse

    This meditation series consists of 7 individual sessions, one for each chakra. You can use these for yourself, or give them to others who need additional support in one or more chakras. You have permission to share them.

Energy clearing is one of the the easiest and fastest ways to change reality...Robin