Energy Clearing Playlists 

These energy clearing tracks are composed of multiple clearings all hidden behind music. No Audible Voice is detected, so you can play in your car without hearing the spoken word, just the clearing!

Money Blocks #1

This is One of the clearings in the Open for Abundance Program. This Track Clears:

  • Abundance Blocks, Financial Blocks  
  • Can't hold on to Money
  • Can't Make Enough Money
  • Need More Money
  • I can't Support Myself
  • There's Never Enough
  • I don't Have Enough
  • I don't Deserve Money
  • I'm Not good Enough
  • Money isn't good (Wealthy or Rich People are Bad)

Price $19

Stress And Anxiety

This Track clears the following:

  • Despair
  • Helplessness
  • I Can't Do What  I Need to do
  • Despair
  • Helplessness
  • I Can't Do What I Need to do
  • I can't Handle This!
  • I don't Have Enough Time
  • I don't Know How
  • I don't Know What to do Next
  • I Have to do Everything Myself
  • I'm Overwhelmed
  • I'm too Disorganized
  • Nobody Can (or Will) Help Me
  • Nobody Cares
  • There's Not Enough Time
  • There's Too Much to do!
  • Things Are Unmanageable

 Price $19-

The CORE - Universal Negative Beliefs

This Track Clears these Debilitating and VERY Common Negative Beliefs:

  • I'm Unworthy
  • I don't Deserve
  • I am Powerless
  • I have no Value
  • I'm Unlovable
  • I'm a bad/evil Person

 Price $19

PRIMARY - Negative Feelings and Emotions

This Playlist will help with the primary feelings and emotions so many people struggle with. These are often energetic and can be shifted.

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Hurt
  • Judgement
  • Weakness

Price $19-

Products & Programs

These products are all intended to help you let go of negative emotions, beliefs, patterns and programs so you can live the life you came here to live (and keep your energy/vibration high)

Open For Abundance

Price $97-

$67 Multi-Session Clearing Program


This track uses a combination of hypnosis and energy clearing together, so you can let go of the tension and stress, and relax.


For many people, stressful events and worries tend to pop into their minds in the middle of the night, and this is a way to both clear them from your field, and also get back to a relaxed state! It's a way to do healing work as you sleep. 


This IS a hypnosis track, DO NOT USE while driving or doing anything where your or anyone else could be harmed if you were to fall asleep!

 Price $47-

7 Day Chakra Cleanse

The Chakras are the Energy Centers of the body. This is where so many blocks and negative energy is stored from the past. This series has 7 different meditations, one for each chakra

  • Root (Family, Security, Belonging)
  • Sacral (Creativity and Sexuality)
  • Solar Plexus (Self Esteem and Personal Power)
  • Heart (Unconditional Love and Trust, for yourself and other)
  • Throat (Speaking Your Truth)
  • Third Eye (Inner Vision, Intuition)
  • Crown (Connection with Spirit and the Divine)

Price $79-

 Energy Clearing and Hypnosis Based Sessions

The Witches Wound - Eliminate The Fear of Speaking Out

This hypnotic based clearing session is to help you release any fear of speaking out, or speaking your truth. Many people carry with them a very old past-life trauma of being persecuted for speaking up. This can take many forms, and this session is to help release it.


This IS a hypnosis track, DO NOT USE while driving or doing anything where your or anyone else could be harmed if you were to fall asleep!


Sugar Freedom - Stop The Sugar Habit

This Energy Clearing Session was created to help you bust through the habit of too much sugar. Whether it's too many cookies, bread, pasta, candy, whatever, this program will help you curb your appetite. Listen daily and watch the cravings disappear.



End Money Panic

Do you panic when you think of bills or money topics? This hypnosis based track will help you release this old energy so you can begin to feel at peace when it comes to money and expenses.



Journey to the Future

This hypnosis track is designed to release stress and allow you to let go of worry. What does the future have in store for you? Find out here as you relax your way into a possible future, or different versions of the future. You can listen to this at different times and experience different outcomes.


This IS a hypnosis track, DO NOT USE while driving or doing anything where your or anyone else could be harmed if you were to fall asleep!


Training Programs and Live Classes

Starting at $497

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